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Strategies for Successful Learning

This complimentary online journal is written specifically for general and special education teachers. In each issue you will find research-based tools, strategies, and classroom techniques to assist you in educating your students.


Must Have Resources

  • Creative Solutions to Contemporary Challenges in Small and Rural Schools Across America, edited by Nicholas D. Young and Christine N. Michael
    Students in the field of education, teachers, administrators and school board members will all find chapters in this book helpful in strengthening and guiding their professional practice. The authors cover a variety of important themes and topics related to contemporary small and rural schools in America, ranging from finances, curriculum, student life, professional development, transportation, and redistricting presented in a case-study format.
  • Learning Differences: Research, Practice and Advocacy, edited by Nathalis Wamba and Teresa Allissa Citro
    This book gathers a collection of essays bringing together voices of researchers, practitioners, and advocates. The contributors to this book advocate for the life improvement of children with learning disabilities. They share their research; discuss proven techniques and strategies to work with children with learning disabilities so that they can reduce their marginalization by social institutions. They seek to demonstrate the importance of disabilities issues in virtually every sphere of society and the consequent necessity for serious scholarly inquiry into them. This book will help parents, teachers and advocates help students with learning disabilities succeed in their academic careers.
  • Classroom Strategies for Struggling Learners, edited by Georgios D. Sideridis and Teresa Allissa Citro
    This book explains a series of practices designed to aid the teacher in accommodating students with various challenges.
  • Strategies in Reading for Struggling Learners, edited by Georgios D. Sideridis and Teresa Allissa Citro
    In this book you will find the latest research-based and validated practices for the treatment of reading problems. Each chapter functions as an independent means to develop intervention practices in the inclusive classroom of use to both students with learning disabilities and their typical peers.
  • Research to Practice: Effective Interventions, edited by Georgios D. Sideridis and Teresa Allissa Citro
    This book describes the best, up-to-date and well-validated interventions for struggling learners. Each chapter is devoted to a specific intervention which is thoroughly described for teachers and practitioners.