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Kids Corner

  • Different Kinds of Smart
  • Another Different Way to Be Smart
  • If I'm So Smart, Why is School So Hard?
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • I Don't Want to Take My Pill
  • Help for Homework
  • My Desk Ate My Homework!
  • Going to the Resource Room
  • How Come My Little Sister Can Read Better Than I Can?
  • Test Tips
  • Ten Tips for Studying for Spelling and Vocabulary Tests
  • Writing Right
  • Making it in Math
  • What Do You Mean I Have to Stay Back?
  • Ten Good Things to Do Over Vacation

Teen Scene

Study Skills

What's on Your Mind?

  • A Speech by a Student with LD
  • The Board Game that Never Ends
  • A Student's Perspective
  • Life with a Learning Disability