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You will find proven research, practical strategies, and suggested resources to support you as you treat individuals with learning disabilities (LD).


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Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices (ILD)

ILD is the peer-reviewed, member journal whose primary focus lies on the dissemination of empirically supported interventions for children, youth, and adults with severe difficulties in reading, writing, spelling or doing mathematical calculations. Articles provide up-to-date and evidence-based information for professionals, who teach or otherwise work with individuals with learning disabilities.


Must Have Resources

  • Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal (LDCJ), edited by Richard T. Boon and Teresa Allissa Citro
    LDCJ is a peer-reviewed forum for research, practice, and opinion regarding learning disabilities (LD) and associated disorders. The mission of the journal is to provide the most up-to-date, accurate information on diagnosis, management and intervention. The journal intends to support, inform and challenge researchers, practitioners and individuals who have, or care for those who have, learning disabilities.