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23rd Annual World Congress on Learning Disabilities in Venice, Italia

  • September 11 and 12, 2015 (Please see our Conferences World Congress page for more information)


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Must Have Resources

  • Learning Differences: Research, Practice and Advocacy, edited by Nathalis Wamba and Teresa Allissa Citro
    This book gathers a collection of essays bringing together voices of researchers, practitioners, and advocates. The contributors to this book advocate for the life improvement of children with learning disabilities. They share their research; discuss proven techniques and strategies to work with children with learning disabilities so that they can reduce their marginalization by social institutions. They seek to demonstrate the importance of disabilities issues in virtually every sphere of society and the consequent necessity for serious scholarly inquiry into them. This book will help parents, teachers and advocates help students with learning disabilities succeed in their academic careers.
  • Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal (LDCJ), edited by Richard T. Boon and Teresa Allissa Citro
    LDCJ is a peer-reviewed forum for research, practice, and opinion regarding learning disabilities (LD) and associated disorders. The mission of the journal is to provide the most up-to-date, accurate information on diagnosis, management and intervention. The journal intends to support, inform and challenge researchers, practitioners and individuals who have, or care for those who have, learning disabilities.